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Mary Todd Beam, friend and national treasure, has a lot to show the world. But, at 86, engaging the Internet isn’t in the cards. So, when creating my site, I offered her a venue to display some of her trove. And, here we go. The results will notably be tilted toward her decades of achievement, but, then, I’m hoping it’s the gesture that counts.

About Mary Todd Beam, AWS, DF, NWS


Mary Todd Beam, painter, author, and workshop instructor, has won the prestigious AWS Gold Medal – twice, once in 1995 and again in 2002 – as well as the Dolphin fellowship award. She holds elected membership in the American Watercolor Society; National Watercolor Society, where she won the award in the Experimentalist’s Category; The Society of Layerists in Multi-Media; the Ohio Watercolor Society, and others. 


She and her paintings have been featured in magazines, including American Artist, Watercolor Artist and The Artist’s Magazine. She and her works have also been included in several books on painting. Notable among these are Maxine Masterfield’s Painting the Spirit of Nature; Nita Leland’s The Creative Artist; Rachael Rubin Wolf’s Splash: The Best of Watercolor series, including Splash Retrospective: 20 Years of Contemporary Watercolor Excellence; and Betsy Dillard Stroud’s Watercolor Masters and Legends: Secrets, Stories and Techniques from 34 Visionary Artists.

Her two books, Celebrate Your Creative Self and The Creative Edge have been translated and can be found all over the world. Mary also created a video titled An Acrylic Journey: From Trash to Treasure – An Inward Look with Mary Todd Beam, produced by Creative Catalyst Productions.  

About Chuck Jones, PhD


Chuck Jones, a clinical psychologist, has spent more than 45 years in the consulting room. He’s painted off and on for much of that time, but, partly in response to Mary’s encouragement, has recently devoted himself full time to exploring what interests him about water media and its vicissitudes. Shifting from third person: Having produced reports for decades, I know I can write. But, I also know I cannot write the novel I want to read. I do, however, realize that, sometimes, I can create a painting I want to look at. And can enjoy. So, that’s what I’m invested in developing.

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